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Product Image Camping Slingshot

Camping Slingshot


Do you need a camping slingshot? Not really. But do you want a camping slingshot? Heck yes! What's more fun than shooting projectiles through the atmosphere? 

We're proud to stock the Camping Slingshot, handmade in California from Mora tree branches and airbrushed with acrylic paint. Available in a variety of colors, we've found multiple uses for these far beyond the conventional weaponry aspect. 

Use the Camping Slingshot as:

  • Seat markers at a dinner party. 
  • Centerpieces.
  • Stocking stuffers.
  • Conversation starters.
  • Groomsmen gifts.

*It is NOT okay to shoot anything at another human being, animals, or anything living really. Use common sense. 


Photo: Jessika / http://creamandcoal.wordpress.com/